Why am I not able to lose weight?

The amount of overweight people increases every year.  Many of the people who have been overweight for a while are frustrated because they cannot lower their weight despite their motivation and commitment to a diet.  
Diets usually only work for a short period of time.  To be successful with your weightloss and to be able to keep your weight, you have to know a few things: What benefits my body, what harms it.

Food Allergies
Many people do suffer from a food allergy without knowing it.  They are often referred to hidden food allergies.  They create a chronic inflammatory state in the body which then leads to chronic conditions such as arthritis, oestoarthritis, gout, poor glucose metabolism.  Food allergies can also irritate the stomach lining and cause cravings.
To reduce the chronic inflammatory state, at the same time reduce build-up within the intestinal walls and to give the immune system a break, one should consider a soft cleanse that re-establishes a healthy ph and allows the intestines to work optimally again, which will have a huge effect on your metabolism and therefore also on your weightloss efforts.

Sometimes we just don't eat enough fibers.  But fibers activate intestinal peristalsis, preventing constipation.  A constipated colon contains a lot of toxins which then can spread throughout the body and cause headaches and neckpains, for instance.  Not to mention, constipation adds more weight and doesn't help your gut flora.
Fibers also make sure that glucose doesn't travel into the blood stream too fast as too much glucose gets converted into fat by the liver which makes losing weight a bit harder.
Fibers also block fat-digestable enzymes.  This means that less fat from food will be absorbed.
Fibers are found in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes and full grain.

Certain medication can make weightloss quite difficult as they reduce energy metabolism and therefore prevent adequate fat burning.  They can also bring your hormone levels out of balance, increase your appetite and lead to water retention.
But before stopping your medication because you think it might have something to do with your weight gain, talk to your doctor. He might have alternative medicine options for you.

Artificial Sweetener
People who wish to lose weight, often decide for light products that have a limited sugar content because they are sweetened with artificial sweetener.  Be aware that artificial sweeteners do exactly the opposite.  They make you fat.  There are studies that prove the correlation between artificial sweeteners and weightgain.  It is assumed that artificial sweeteners severly irritate the metabolism.  The nutrients cannot be absorbed properly and we have the longing for more food.  So, keep your hands away from artificial sweeteners.

Glutamate which enhances the flavor of food, causes our body to always wanting more food.  Glutamate is found in sauces, soups, frozen pizzas, etc.  Scientists who have studied the effects of glutamate know that it inhibits the brain from sending the signals of being full, of having eaten enough.  
So, glutamate doesn't only increase your appetite, but also represses a specific hormone which is responsible for the burning of fat.
Glutamate is also known as spices, aroma or yeast extract.

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