Good-bye bodyfat

Good-bye bodyfat - Hello vibrant health

If you belong to those people who wish to get rid of bodyfat and have tried every possible diet there is, I will share with you why diets don't work and what you need to know about fatloss / weightloss.
My name is Silvia, and I have been struggling many years to lose weight and to keep it off. Every single time I gained my weight back despite the fact that I always did what these weightloss gurus told me.
Today, as a Certified Holistic Healthcare Counselor, I have gained the knowledge to understand why diets don't work and what truly stops weightloss or fatloss.
Most diets actually work for a short period of time.  Most of the time you actually lose water and muscle-weight with only limited fatloss.  Why is that?  
Our fatdeposits are home to heavy metals and candida.  This means that if you were to drop a lot of fat you would also free some heavy metals and candida into the blood stream.  This would cause major health risks.  So to prevent t…

Why am I not able to lose weight?

The amount of overweight people increases every year.  Many of the people who have been overweight for a while are frustrated because they cannot lower their weight despite their motivation and commitment to a diet.  
Diets usually only work for a short period of time.  To be successful with your weightloss and to be able to keep your weight, you have to know a few things: What benefits my body, what harms it.

Food Allergies
Many people do suffer from a food allergy without knowing it.  They are often referred to hidden food allergies.  They create a chronic inflammatory state in the body which then leads to chronic conditions such as arthritis, oestoarthritis, gout, poor glucose metabolism.  Food allergies can also irritate the stomach lining and cause cravings.
To reduce the chronic inflammatory state, at the same time reduce build-up within the intestinal walls and to give the immune system a break, one should consider a soft cleanse that re-establishes a healthy ph and allows the inte…

Why am I always sick?

Eppstein Barr Virus, all Candida overgrowths, AIDS and many other infections are immune deficiency diseases and have their cause in the under supply of nutrients and poor metabolism of the food.

Our food is denatured and deficient in its composition and energy content, which means that many people "starve" despite food excess. By insufficient intake of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes, etc., the consumed food can not be adequately digested and utilized. As a result, the body doesn't get enough of the basic nutrients to regenerate body cells and to provide energy for food metabolism.

This under-supply of body cells with vital nutrients is very often the cause of the weakening of the chemical metabolic process. This process ensures the supply of the cells with food, guarantees energy supply for cell functions and enables the removal of metabolic residues from cells. This affects all cells in the body, even the cells with immune functions. In addition to food-re…

Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency - A common issue of today's civilization

Most people eat way to many carbohydrates on a daily basis.  As a matter of fact you don't even have to have the menue on the left to overdo it.  A lot of the food that we buy at the store has hidden carbohydrates even some of the food that we think is healthy.  For our body to metabolize food it requires minerals, lots of them.  If we don't provide our body with an abundance of minerals, it will take it out of scalp, veins, arteries, bones and the process of depletion begins......
What about stress?  How does stress can have anything to do with a mineral and vitamin deficiency?  Stress creates a domino effect that weakens our body more and more.  Without the proper supplementation it gets a hold of the body.
The body tightens up, the breathing changes.  Our digestion starts to slow down, allowing toxins to attach themselfs to the intestinal lining weakening the immune system.

Most of us just accepted the fact that we get a cold or an intestinal flue every once in a while or…

How to gain body balance

This Natural Healing Guide Blog will focus all about the different aspects of health and wellness to help you gain body balance.  Before I want to go into detail on how to gain this most important balance, I want to share my viewpoint on healing.  All of us have been sick one point or the other and we were hit with certain symptoms.  These symptoms are nothing else than a warning signal that our body is not in balance.

Have you ever heard people refer to Inner Harmony?  Or maybe the different pillars of health.  Each of these pillars is equally important to balance our health. Imagine a table with four legs.  Each of these legs make sure that this table doesn't fall over.  The same principle works for us humans.

The 4 pillars of health
There are 4 pillars of health. Each of them contributes to the health of the human body in their own way, completing the circle of optimal health, our body balance.  There isn't one pillar that is more important than the other.  Each of them is …